Managing Seizures

Managing Seizures

When it comes to managing epileptic seizures, there’s so much information out there that it can easily be overwhelming. The Happy Sista is by no means here to offer medical advice, but what you will find are realistic lifestyle changes and adjustments that can help in reducing seizures.

Of course, everyone is different and what might help one person, might not help the next. Yet there are some things that can help us all like top tips for getting the most out of your neurologist appointments or if certain products like the Empatica Embrace2 Seizure Alert Watch is worth buying.

Managing your epileptic seizures might be simple, or it might be more complex. Either way the main focus of controlling epileptic seizures with lifestyle changes, is keeping track of anything that might trigger a seizure. There are common seizure triggers, uncommon triggers and sometimes no seizure trigger can be identified. To make it even more confusing sometimes the same trigger (e.g. stressful situations) might cause a seizure one week, but the week after might not! The best we can do is try to manage your common seizure triggers and track our seizures to help identify our own triggers. 

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