There’s a first time for everything

Published by Mica Howard on

Here we go, I’m officially putting myself out there. Scary stuff!

I’ve been thinking about putting together a blog for a while now, and with all the extra time thanks to the coronavirus lockdown I have put in the time to create The Happy Sista blog. There isn’t a specific reason why this blog is here, the only reason I can conjure up is that vulnerability when sharing brings strength along with it.

Trying anything new is often liberating, even more so if you’re put out of your comfort zone. This can be absolutely anything, scared to go alone to an event? Do it. Don’t want to try a new sport because you’ll look like a deer in headlights? See the funny side and do it anyway. I’ve done this myself when I started Cuban salsa dancing, I’m not even a dancer so going to dance classes was foreign to me. I broke that barrier and now salsa dancing is so much fun and I absolutely love it! There are so many examples of times like this, but the point is staying in your comfort zone could be blocking amazing things coming into your life.

Take it from me as someone who is more on the introverted side, I often hate myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. But once I’ve forced myself into trying something new, I’m so proud!

As a side note always remember it’s good to be proud of yourself, give yourself some kudos! Have a look back on what you have done in the last few months, it’s likely there will be lots of things you should be proud of.

P.S. my name is pronounced “Misha”!