Epilepsy & Memory: a daily struggle

For many people with epilepsy, it’s completely normal to have a pretty horrendous memory. Epilepsy creates memory problems that are just plain unnecessary and can be more than your standard forgetfulness. Words escape you and play hide and seek, not letting you […]

The guilt of living with epilepsy

Life with epilepsy isn’t simple. You need a support system and at times you need to rely on that support system heavily. This can often lead to strong feelings of guilt, of being an inconvenience to those around you. Epilepsy took a […]

The Power of Kindness and its Benefits

The Power of Kindness and Its Benefits Kindness was the theme for last week’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. The Mental Health Foundation used the week to show the importance of kindness. Just because Mental Health Awareness Week is over, doesn’t mean […]

The silver lining to living with epilepsy

The silver lining to living with epilepsy might sound like a mystical creature, but it does exist! Finding this silver lining and getting to the point of sharing my epilepsy journey has taken a long time. Not forgetting a hell of a lot of

There’s a first time for everything

Here we go, I’m officially putting myself out there. Scary stuff! I’ve been thinking about putting together a blog for a while now, and with all the extra time thanks to the coronavirus lockdown I have put in the time to create […]

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