About me

Hey I’m Mica (pronounced “Misha”), founder of The Happy Sista blog.

The Happy Sista is here to help you flourish when living life with epilepsy.

You will transform feelings of fear, guilt, confusion into confidence, clarity and happiness.

Living with epilepsy or a seizure disorder can be hard and it can be scary.

Trust me I know this – I’ve been having tonic-clonic seizures (or grand mal seizures) since 2012. I was diagnosed with generalised epilepsy at age 16, just as you start to get a little taste of real life.

But I haven’t let epilepsy stop me.

Yes, there have been ups and downs. But I’ve still travelled the world, got a 1st Class degree and continue pursuing my passion for horse riding and trying anything new I can get my hands on.

Epilepsy hasn’t stopped my life, and it doesn’t have to stop your life either.

Are you fed-up with epilepsy getting in the way of your life? If you want a weekly dose of how you can make small changes to your life that will have a big long-term impact on living with epilepsy sign up for The Happy Sista newsletter below!

(P.S. You also get access to a FREE SEIZURE TRACKER too!)

Mica x

(a.k.a The Happy Sista)

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