Mica Howard, founder & content creator

Hey I’m Mica (pronounced “Misha”), founder of The Happy Sista blog.

After living with epilepsy for now approaching a decade, in 2020 I hit what felt like rock bottom.

My tonic-clonic seizures had more than doubled, my physical health declined because of the falls, and my mental health and confidence took a big hit.

The worst thing was that I felt alone. I had a support system, but no one truly understood what it’s like to live with epilepsy.

At what was the worst point in my life, I needed help on how to live daily life with epilepsy. Not from doctors, but from people who have already been there.

After searching and speaking to lots of different people with epilepsy online, I found the answers I was looking for. Yet I realised there was no one-stop-shop for epilepsy related lifestyle advice.

So along came the launch of The Happy Sista. During one of the hardest years I’ve had with epilepsy ever.

As I said, I don’t let epilepsy stop me. Within my stop-start first year (due to the increase in seizures), my epilepsy experience and tips have been featured on BBC Bitesize, House21, and published in the House21 magazine.

Now no longer feeling as weighed down by life with epilepsy, I’ve made it my personal mission to help others who are going through the hard times that epilepsy can bring.

You’ll find articles ranging from an Empatica Embrace2 Seizure Watch Review to Everything You Need to Know About Dating with Epilepsy, and everything in between.

Each article is based on personal experience and in-depth research to provide you with the most valuable content. Whilst you will find epilepsy-related lifestyle advice, always consult with your doctor before making any changes. The Happy Sista provides lifestyle advice, not medical information and advice.

About The Happy Sista

The Happy Sista is here to help you flourish when living life with epilepsy.

You will transform feelings of fear, guilt, confusion into confidence, clarity and happiness.

Living with epilepsy or a seizure disorder can be hard and it can be scary.

Trust me I know this – I’ve been having tonic-clonic seizures (or grand mal seizures) since 2012. I was diagnosed with generalised epilepsy at age 16, just as you start to get a little taste of real life.

But I haven’t let epilepsy stop me.

Yes, there have been ups and downs. But I’ve still traveled the world, got a 1st Class Bachelors degree, jumped into a new career, and continue to pursue my passion for horse riding and trying anything new I can get my hands on.

Epilepsy hasn’t stopped my life, and it doesn’t have to stop your life either.

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